Obama’s Iran Deal

Wow! President Obama just finished giving his pep talk on this deal with Iran. Could he sound any more pathetically desperate? I don’t think so.

Obama is so delusional on so many planes I don’t know where to start. Obama thinks that the worse case scenario under this agreement is that we’ll be in the same place with Iran ten years from now. I’m not sure why he seems to be in the minority that understands that in another ten years Iran is going to have a nuclear bomb and with the ability to purchase conventional arms they’ll also have the capability to launch a long distance attack. That’s if Iran doesn’t acquire a nuke and uses it before then.

Obama thinks that with this agreement that Iran is going to be cooperative and completely honest when it comes to inspections of their nuclear facilities. I can’t believe that he’s that naïve, that nobody has told him that Iran has a long history of deception and well deserved mistrust. So if Obama isn’t that stupid then he must have some kind of alterative motives for selling out to the devil, because he sure as hell isn’t looking out for the long term safety of the American people.

Obama also believes that with this agreement that Iran is going to use all that new money that is going to flow into the country from the sale of previously blocked oil sales to make the lives of the Iranian citizens better. Again… is he really that naïve? In this case I think he is. I think he really believes the Iranian government is going to do the right thing by its citizens, which means Obama has been drinking his own Kool-Aid.

I’m hoping that enough of our legislators are going to have enough smarts to not participate in, what I heard one radio personality describe as, buying the bullet used to shoot us. We may not be able to block the entire agreement if enough of the rest of the world chooses to be stupid enough to endorse it. Heaven help us if that happens.