Umpqua Comm College Mass Shooting

Let me start by saying I feel so very sorry for the parents of the 9 students killed yesterday at Umpqua Community Collage. They did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to be going through the grief of loosing a child. Their children did nothing wrong, they just happened to be in the line of site at the very moment that this particular nut case decided to snap.

As horrific as this tragedy is, I’m afraid that the worse is yet to come. Obama has already made his typical stump speech about how we need more gun control and better ways to sort out and identify the mentally ill as a method to stop this kind of mass killings. His loyal liberal minions are likely to fall in line and regurgitate his position.

The media most likely spared no expense getting their reporters on the scene. Reporters who are now trampling all over the privacy of those effected hoping to boost their network ratings with a new slant on some aspect of the event. Due to the instantaneous spread of bad news and the way the media fuels the frenzy for more we get one tragedy building upon another.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden jumped on a plane (most likely paid for by the taxpayers) and flew back to his home state… for what purpose? So he could get some face time on television giving his comments, which by the way went around in circles and in no way ever really gave any viable ideas on how to stop these kinds of tragedies.

So the biggest question of the day is how do we as a society stop these mass killings… Unfortunately, in my opinion, we can debate the ideas until we are blue in the face and in the end we’re going to find that there is nothing a free society can do to stop a nut case with a gun from afflicting the kind of carnage that was repeated yesterday.

We can ban all private ownership of guns and somehow the nut cases are going to still get their hands on one or they will figure out another method to unleash their anger/paranoia. As for the mentally ill… do we start locking up everyone who looks dangerous or is acting weird? That isn’t going to fly for so many reasons.

We keep hearing Obama tell us that the United States is the only country on the planet that allows these mass killings to go on. He’ll go on to say that other countries have figured out how to put a stop to them. Maybe if you keep your head in the sand you might believe that… truth is there is more than enough carnage and evil on planet Earth to go around. The United States does not have a monopoly on killing innocent people.


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