A Lot of Sore Losers

I just finished watching President Elect Donald Trump and his first formal news conference as president elect and it amazes me that the main street media is still acting like a pack of rabid dogs going after any tid bit of information that will make Trump look bad.

I was watching the event live on CNN and when it was over the newscasters spent the next 15 minutes falling over each other trying to justify their recent reporting of the Russian Hacking story, which Trump had criticized them for some glaring errors.

The other sore loser in the lime light recently is none other than the Big O himself. During his farewell speech last night, which was very painful to watch, he stroked his ego over and over with the fantasy stats that the Democrats have been using to make everything look rosy. Obama had the nerve to make the claim that during his administration there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil and then immediately sited the horrors of the Boston bombing, and numerous mass shootings including the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. I guess they aren’t terrorist attacks???

In a few days Obama will fade off into the sunset followed soon after by his disastrous healthcare reform act. It can’t happen fast enough to suit me.

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