Muslim Ban… What Ban?

I find it amazing how far the Trump objectors will go to find something to bitch about. Trump hasn’t issued a blanket ban on Muslims coming into this country… he’s issued an executive order that dictates that our customs agents use the existing laws to actually do the job they are supposed to do, which is scrutinize and question certain individuals attempting to enter this country from countries known to harbor and promote terrorist activities.

Obama was satisfied to just let anyone enter this country. We now have a President with the balls to actually believe that we should question people trying to enter the country before we just let them loose on American soil.

The first day of the executive order there were hundreds of thousands of people coming through immigration and customs, a White House spokesman told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press yesterday morning that a total of 109 were detained for further questioning. 109 out of hundreds of thousand and the media would have you believe that the whole country is marching in the streets in protest because were throwing everyone in jail or deporting them.

I’ve heard interviews with several Muslim citizens that were questioned prior to entry. They all talk like it was the worse thing that could ever happen to them… In reality if they are truly loyal Americans then they should be the first ones who would want to prove that they are not a threat to our security before being allowed entry. They should be applauding the Trump administration for making it happen.


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