Nuclear Blast Simulation Over Manhatten

Several agencies from federal, state and city emergency services will come together this Monday April 24, 2017 to participate in a 3 day mock drill that will simulate a nuclear blast over the island of Manhattan. It’s being called Operation Gotham Shield.

So just how do you simulate the devastation and loss of life that would result in a nuclear bomb being detonated over one of our nations most populated cities? Do you get everyone inside a two mile radius of ground zero to lie down and play dead because that is what would happen. There would be no emergency response anywhere near ground zero because the emergency responders would also be dead. The devastation would stretch out for up to a hundred miles and would cover hundreds of thousands of victims with a wide range of injuries… some of which may not manifest themselves for months if not years.

So again I have to ask… how do you simulate such an attack? There is no way to do so and those who think they can prepare for the aftermath of a nuclear bomb blast are living in some sort of alternate reality.