Paris Accord

President Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and the liberal Trump haters are loosing their minds. They want us to believe that it’s all about the environment. If they were listening to the President speak yesterday when he made the announcement that he was pulling us out of the agreement then they choose to ignore every thing he said.

President Trump’s decision isn’t because he doesn’t care about the environment, which he reiterated several times during his announcement; it was made because he’s putting a stop to the rest of the world using us for a door mat. The agreement is hugely lopsided against the United States both in regulations and monetary concerns. If we were to go forward with the agreement as it stands it would cost the American people jobs as well as billions of dollars in tax money that would be distributed around the world in the name of climate change.

I’m sure the Paris Accord on paper looks like all the countries involved will be treated equally; however history tells a different story. Whenever the US has gotten tied into a global initiative we end up paying the bill for all those who decide they don’t have to pay their share. NATO is a great example.

It’s obvious that the tree hugging liberals just don’t get it… President Trump isn’t going to be a party to the rest of the world walking all over the citizens of this country. A sentiment that I’m sure he made clear while meeting world leaders during his recent overseas trip.


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