Obamacare Lives On

The third attempt by the Republican controlled Senate at getting something started that will end the nightmare we call Obamacare failed last night. John McCain was one of the three traitors on the conservative side of the isle and apparently the deciding vote that put the measure down to defeat.

Personally I believe that John McCain has become an embarrassment for the Republican Party and a slap in the face to conservatives all across our great land that are expecting the people they have put in power to do what they campaigned on and derail the liberal push toward a single payer system once and for all.

The master plan B is to now sit back and watch our health care system implode under the weight of the Obamacare regulations at which time the geniuses up there in Washington DC think they will get Democratic help migrating to the conservative free market model that they have been talking big about for the last seven or eight years. Maybe someday they will pull their heads out of their asses and realize how badly they blew what might be their one and only chance to save our healthcare system from collapsing right before our eyes.

At this point the hand writing on the wall is pretty clear. The Liberal minority is pulling all the strings and they aren’t going to stop until they get their golden ring… a single payer healthcare system. History is going to record last night’s vote on the senate floor as the turning point that transforms the United States of America into just another socialist shit hole on planet Earth.