Pope Says the Wealthy Feast on What Belongs to Us All

Sunday was World Day of the Poor… The Pope hosted 6,000 poor people for mass and then invited 1,500 indigent people to join him for lunch. So I guess the Pope thinks he’s doing his part to redistribute the billions of wealth he sits on.

Even the wealthy Vatican apparently needs a special day to do anything for those less fortunate. I wonder how they made the determination that everyone of the participants were indeed needy? Did they vent each and every one of them? Were they required to submit some kind of financial statement to prove they were poor?  Something tells me that they used the honor system when allowing people in by just claiming to be poor.

Actually being poor is such a relative concept. You can have a lot of stuff and still consider yourself to be poor. On the other hand you might not have a pot to piss in, but if you have enough food to sustain life, are healthy and happy with your life you might consider yourself to be wealthy. In fact isn’t it the latter scenario that most churches uses on the flock to convince them to give money to the church… after-all you don’t really need it to be happy.

The one statement that always comes to my mind when I hear the liberal crowd talk about wealth redistribution is simple… when was the last time a poor person gave you a job? Lets face it, you’d only have one shot at redistributing the wealthy’s riches so that everyone had an equal amount of money. Because it wouldn’t be long after that that we would all be living like those living in Venezuela.

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