The Hatred Of Trump Knows No Boundries

The politicking in Washington has become absolutely laughable… The bias that turns a blind eye at anything a liberal does and demonizes the actions of anyone associated with Trump and his administration has become the daily headlines for the main stream media.

Right now we have the Democratic controlled House of Representatives rushing impeachment proceedings against President Trump because someone heard someone else’s interpretation of a phone call that Trump was pressuring a foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden’s son. The Democrats are so desperate to get rid of Trump that they will mislead the American people with accusations that have no merit or basis in fact.

The really scary part is the Democrats pushing for impeachment have the blessing of every liberal Democrat registered voter who have been brain washed into hating Trump and will ignore reality to believe the crap that our Democratic leaders keep repeating. What is the rule of thumb… repeat a lie often enough and the dumb masses will eventually believe it to be the truth. Our modern Democratic Party has been using that as their number one plank of their political agenda ever since Trump won the election in 2016.

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