Lying Politicians Back In Charge

We heard it all through last year’s election… Biden was dedicated to working across the aisle thus creating a bi-partisan age of cooperation in Washington DC.

What a joke… the Democrats have been in power just over two weeks and already they are cramming their socialist agenda down the throats of the 75 million Americans who supported President Trump’s capitalist and America first ideas.

We’re on the fast track to losing our energy independence and reverting to the days of old where we are dependent on foreign oil. Last week the price of gas at the pump went up by over ten cents a gallon. I predict by the end of this year we’ll see prices top $3 a gallon again… thanks Biden.

 Biden has already committed to kissing ass of some of our biggest adversaries and I’m sure the money will start flowing to those countries that hate us.

It’s too late for Biden and his minions to make any retroactive changes that will show up on your 2020 income tax return, however we all need to heed the numerous warnings about the future. If you’re one of those who believe Biden’s promise  that if you are making less than $400,000 a year your taxes will not be going up… you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. The average middle class taxpayer is going to see their tax bill going up significantly.

The Democrats and their liberal socialist partners know they most likely only have two years to pull off the biggest power grab in US history and they are showing us that they don’t plan on wasting any time doing just that.

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