Vaccine Mandates

I find it disturbing that two things are not being talked about by the media…

First off why is it that we’re not hearing the facts that the vaccine mandates are causing mass firing of those people that just 6 months ago were being hailed as heroes by the same people who are now kicking them to the curb? The past few years there has been a massive focus on bullying in schools, but apparently if the bullying is coming from the White House under the ruse that it’s for the greater good then bullying is okay.

Two, Why when someone interviews Dr. Fauci do they not ask him why natural immunity against the Covid-19 virus is not any good and it’s the vaccine or nothing? The science has shown that natural immunity is far superior to the fast fading immunity that the vaccine seems to be providing.

We are going to find ourselves with a real huge problem if someone in the Biden administration doesn’t come to their senses and back off their vaccine mandates, but as the deadlines approach and the backlash grows they just seem to feel the need to double down on the threats. I feel bad for those who are going to be calling 911 for medical, police or fire assistance only to be put on hold or ignored entirely because there aren’t enough people to handle the cries for help.

I also see a boom in business for the legal profession as people who have been let go for not getting a vaccine start suing their employers.

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