Papal Visit with Congress

So the Pope addressed a joint session of Congress today and as expected brought up the issue of immigration… especially how the United States should have compassion and leniency towards the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming into this country every year from Mexico and Latin America.

He also touched on the idea that with all of the worlds great resources and wealth that there is no excuse for anyone on planet Earth to be homeless.

That’s where it gets interesting to me… that very few people are willing to call the man out as a hypocrite. He resides over what is called Vatican City, which is a country all on its own and has the strictest immigration and citizenship requirements on the planet. I can picture thousands and thousands of vacant square footage of space that is guarded nightly to prevent any homeless from finding a warm bed to sleep in or a decent meal to eat within those holy walls.

Maybe I’ll start listening to the Pope’s lecture when he starts using a substantial amount of the Vatican’s enormous wealth to feed, cloth and house those in need. While he’s at it how about spreading that wealth around to the rest of the global population as a good will gesture in support of this economic equality idealism he seems to believe is achievable… achievable, I guess, using someone else’s money.