Weapons of Mass Destruction

The terrorist attach in Nice, France is prof positive that the terrorists don’t need bombs or guns to inflict mass carnage in the name of their religion… 84 innocent dead people in an instant when one radical Muslim drives a semi-tractor trailer through and over the crowd that had gathered to enjoy the fireworks as a part of a National Holiday celebration.

The question now is… do our liberal mouthpieces in this country use their logic on this case and start a movement to blame the truck for the death toll and possibly set in motion the idea that we should limit the size of trucks that can be manufactured so we can ward off a similar attach here in the States?

As a side note… I didn’t approve of Donald Trump postponing his announcement of a running mate due to the events taking place in France. Are we supposed to suspend all activity in this county whenever a nut case decides to kill masses of people anywhere on the planet based on the radical teachings of his religion? If we want to send the message to the terrorist that their tactics aren’t working we need to let the local authorities deal with the aftermath, but at the same time the rest of us… those not directly affected… should carry on with life without fear.


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