First Presidential Showdown

Matt Lauer moderated the first Presidential Election prime time Q&A session and believe it or not it’s the Democrats that are pissed at the job he did.

Apparently Lauer didn’t get the memo that Hillary’s e-mail issue should be treated as yesterday’s news. He grilled her for almost half of the time allowed, but unfortunately he missed several opportunities to push her into a corner… like when she was making the point that all classified emails have this specific header on them and she is well aware of what those look like, Lauer should have pointed out the fact that the emails she was sending from her home grown server were not being monitored by the State Department and therefore would never contain such a header. We can only hope that during the face to face debates coming up that Donald Trump won’t be so kind as to let Hillary slide on the topic that Hillary and her campaign are so desperately trying to bury.

The liberal crowd is also complaining that Lauer was too easy on Trump… The media and Hillary are now spinning a couple of points from last nights exchange trying their best to keep their fellow liberals drinking the Kool-Aid. They want you to believe that Trump supported the war in Iraq back in 2002 based on comments he made during an interview with Howard Stern… They actually played the clip and what I heard was a reluctant Trump saying yeah because it was already playing out and there really wasn’t anything he could do about it. They also are making his comments about Putin being a stronger leader than Obama as something unpatriotic… Trouble is Trump is right and Obama is a weak pathetic leader who is being embarrassed by Putin’s antagonistic actions.

I think the Presidential race is only going to get more interesting as time grows short.