Hillary’s Body Double?

The conspiracy theorists are working overtime on the idea that Hillary Clinton is using a body double to show the press that she is healthy and I’m inclined to think there is definitely something funny going on.

Hillary left yesterday’s 9/11 ceremony in New York City early and appears to pass out or collapse as she is being helped into a waiting van surrounded by a huge entourage that appears to be purposely shielding Hillary from the public eye.  The campaign immediately released a statement that she was dehydrated and overheated. Soon after which it was said that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was being treated with anti-biotics and ordered to take the next few days off to rest.

So where did they take Hillary? To the hospital…. No. They took her to her daughter’s place so she could, I guess, get a drink of water and cool off, which apparently did wonders because she walked out of Chelsey’s building a short time later waving to the crowd all smiles. She was then greeted by a small girl who ran to her from the crowd off camera and Hillary was gracious enough to stop and pose for a picture before again getting into the waiting van to depart.

Apparently a few people aren’t convinced that what we were supposed to see is what we actually saw. There are too many inconsistencies to make the whole scene outside Chelsey’s home believable. To start with Hillary emerges all by herself… she doesn’t go anywhere by herself. She’s always surrounded by her handlers, staff and secret service agents.

If you look closely at the pictures, which are shaky and taken from across the street you can’t help but realize that Hillary looks much trimmer that usual. One writer asked the question does Chelsey have a Liposuction suite inside her home.

There was also something about her having her pocket book slung over the right shoulder rather than the left as she usually does. That one alone wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, but all of the evidence together makes me step back and say… hey WTF is going on?

It will be interesting to see how long it is before we see Hillary out in public again. She sure looked peppy enough to keep her normal schedule the rest of the week. Instead she’s now in seclusion because she needs to rest up and recuperate from her bout with ‘pneumonia.’

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