Total Eclipse Forever Stamp

The US Postal Service is outdoing even it own capacity to waste money by coming out with a stamp that has a picture that changes when heat is applied to it.

These unique postage stamps have a picture of a total solar eclipse on them that changes to show the detail of the moon’s surface when you apply the heat from a finger or thumb. High tech and all so slick, however I’d like to know how much money the postal service spent developing and perfecting this printing technique and how much more each stamp is costing the post office to produce… because they sure aren’t selling them for more than the normal stamp.

Why should any of this concern me? It wouldn’t if the postal service was flush with cash and making huge profits every year. The reality of the situation is that the postal services is loosing billions of dollars each year and maintain this illusion that no tax dollars are used to fund operations. If that is the case I’d like to find out who is the fool stupid enough to lend an operation that kind of money every year when the prospect of ever getting paid back is about as likely as the Orlando Magic winning a NBA championship. The only entity around that stupid is our Federal Government and all their money comes to them in the form of tax dollars.