Bethune-Cookman University Commencement

Betsy DeVoss, the new Education Secretary under President Donald Trump was invited to speak at the graduation ceremony at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach.

In case you don’t know Bethuce-Cookman is one of the leading primarily black collages in the southeast. As might be expected the student body along with several of this countries top race baiting organizations went berserk over the invitation and the protests only intensified as the press escalated their coverage.

I believe the real problem runs far deeper than the liberal objections to Secretary DeVoss’ policy beliefs. I truly believe that most of the student’s objection was to a white person giving their commencement address. After all they are attending a race based university… where the stereo typical racial discrimination of long dead generations lives and thrives as part of the educational process.

So Betsy DeVoss is introduced and gives her address while the graduates and guests boo’d and disrespected her and the only threat of any repercussions by the collage was that they may have their diploma mailed to them. I’m sure the majority of the room was real worried about how they received their piece of paper.

The bottom line is this incident only amplifies the fact that institutions like Bethune-Cookman University only perpetuate the racial divide in our society and are in no way part of any solution to the racial tensions and prejudices that are pasted down from one generation to the next.