Media Bias Against Trump

If you need any evidence that the major news media is out to harm and discredit President Trump you only have to look at the amount of time the network news programs spent covering Trump’s recent battle with the media during yesterday’s new conference.

NBC and ABC spent 70% of their air time bashing President Trump and twisting his comments to mean something other than what he said. CBS devoted the entire evening, 100% of their broadcast to the task of attacking Trump.

It’s so very clear to me that the major news media in this country will do whatever it takes to demonize the Trump administration. They started out yesterday by badgering Trump with the same question over and over until Trump made comments that could be twisted to advance their prejudicial attitude towards President Trump.

The bashing is so relentless that they are even convincing other conservative Republicans that their interpretation of the events is what Trump intended to say and have them criticizing and denouncing Trump and the entire White House staff for a false narrative that the news media created.

Unfortunately a huge percentage of the population of this country is buying into the bull shit that is being spread by the main stream media. Someday the morons that are drinking the main stream media Kool-Aid will wake up and ask themselves how did the United States of America became just another socialist shit hole on Planet Earth. It’ll be because we’re being lead down that path by an overpaid liberal media with an axe to grind.