Honoring Our National Anthem

Everyone is buzzing about our pro athletes protesting during the playing of our National Anthem. Facebook and the main stream media can’t seem to get away from the subject…which is part of the problem.

Personally I have mixed feelings… I believe that these overpaid babies have every right to peacefully protest at any time for any reason. However I also believe in this instance all they are doing is showing their ignorance by disrespecting out National Anthem because they want to bring attention to racial in-equality or racial injustices or whatever they seem to perceive as being wrong with society. I also believe if the main street media would stop giving them so much press they’d realize how stupid they are being.

Instead of becoming part of the problem by actually creating a racial rift that may not have been there prior to their actions. It certainly isn’t helping their cause to stir the pot without having any clue as to how to solve what it is they are protesting.

We should be telling these highly paid jocks to get off their dead ass and actually use their wealth to make a difference in their home town communities or where ever else they feel they can make a difference in the lives of our under privileged youth.

Because that is where the real problem lies… when you talk about racial injustices you’re really talking about a culture of resentment that stems from a certain segment of our society that thinks they deserve to have prosperity handed to them by the government. Or they think that because a dozen generations ago their ancestors were brought to this country as slaves and therefore someone owes them something. They have no concept of working hard to make a better life for yourself because all they hear from their parents and/or piers is how they aren’t given enough or how they are being treated unfairly.

Face it… there has never been a time on this planet where social and economic equality existed and taking a knee during the playing of our National Anthem isn’t going to create the utopia that those who promote the idea are dreaming of.