Another Nut Case With A Gun and A Grudge

Here we go again… another mass shooting. This time 26 people, half of them children, were gunned down during Sunday church service. The only reason that more people weren’t killed by this pathetic excuse for a man was that a neighbor with a gun had the courage to fire back at him and chase him until he got stuck in a ditch… at which time the coward apparently decided to end his own life rather than take responsibility for his gruesome actions.

The debate by the liberals will ramp up again demanding more gun control… more of the same empty arguments when the problem isn’t the guns it’s the nut cases that shouldn’t have them. We need to do a better job with the laws we already have in regards to responsible gun ownership. The media isn’t helping the situation either by giving the whole incident as much press as they tend to do.

Which brings me to my last argument… where was God while this was happening? This was his house of worship for Christ sake. The guy shot and killed 26 of God’s best supporters, half of them children who had their whole life ahead of them. How does the minister stand in front of the congregation next Sunday and justify or explain away what happened?

I know I know the minister will talk a lot about free will and all that religious goopity goop and someday I might buy into that if they would stop giving God credit for all the good in the world when they never blame him for allowing the bad to happen.


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