Liberal Distraction

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is such a piece of work… She drums up a lot of publicity for herself by misrepresenting a conversation she overheard between President Trump and the widow of Sgt La David Johnson who was killed Oct 4 while serving in Niger.

The media jumped on it like a pack of hungry wolfs mainly because it was something they could use to hurt President Trump by perpetuating the same misrepresentation that began with Wilson’s comments.

Did you hear anyone ask the question what the whole conversation was like? In what context was the so called offensive statement made? I’ll bet if any rational person were to have heard all of President Trump’s conversation that there wouldn’t have been any question as to his intended meaning. However, we’re talking about a disgruntled liberal Democrat who will/would do anything if it makes our President look bad… getting all the attention from the press is just a bonus.

Of course none of my thoughts or comments will matter to anyone on the liberal side of the street. It doesn’t matter how much evidence is produced to debunk something negative about President Trump they will beat us with it until the day they die. I don’t remember any elected President ever getting treated as poorly as Trump has been by the main stream media, the opposing party and even supposed allies from his own party.

I think too many people don’t want Trump to succeed. He advocates supporting a free market economy and more power to the people, which means less control by the government. Something that scares the crap out of your typical career politician on both sides of the isle. Given half a chance he’d actually make this country great again.

Congresswoman Wilson was called out for her actions by White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly (a gold star parent.) When the media asked Wilson to respond to Kelly’s comments Wilson went on some rant about him lying about issues related to some government building, which is a typical tactic for any politician that doesn’t want to answer a question they know they can’t defend.