Trashing Trump

The latest book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury” is creating a predictable reaction by Liberals… Renewed attacks leveled at President Trump.

Wolff has done the rounds on all the bias talk shows where he is talking about how he was granted unprecedented access to the White House and President Trump himself. He also wants us to believe that his motives for writing the book were unbiased, which is a huge crock of shit.

Wolff has written several books and he makes his living writing trash. In my opinion the thought processes that lead to the release of his latest book went something like this;

Based on the latest bias and hatred toward President Trump it was a no brainer that any book that makes Trump and his administration look bad would be an instant hit with liberals eager to believe any fictional negative account about President Trump as the gospel truth and therefore destined to become a best seller.

It’s obvious to me that Wolff is nothing more than an opportunistic author who jumps on the latest political trend to write books that justify the liberal political beliefs. The liberals snap up this kind of garbage and hold every printed word close to their heart as a way to validate their twisted dogmas of reality.