Immigration Reform Talks

President Trump held a meeting yesterday with members of both political parties with the objective to work on their differences concerning immigration reform legislation. In an unorthodox move Trump invited the media to the meeting to broadcast the meeting live so the public could see their government at work.

Sean Hannity decided to rebroadcast parts of the meeting for his radio audience, of which I’m a member of… I don’t know if I’m the only person on the planet that noticed but all I heard was a bunch of politicians telling each other how important boarder security is, how it’s a necessity to work together and get it done right so they aren’t addressing the same issues 20 years from now.

Never have I listened to such pandering to each other and the President on such an important subject. I thought for a moment that my head might explode. These idiots were talking but nothing productive was coming out of their mouths. The only thing I got out of listening to the meeting was a clear understanding why nothing gets done in Washington.