State of the Union

I watched some of the President’s speech last night… mostly a lot of pat me on the back moments, which I believe are well deserved. When they say President Trump is no politician I say amen. He’s shown time and time again that he stands for what is best for the country and brushes off all the negativity the media throws at him on a daily basis. He’s gotten more done to improve the lives of all US citizens in his first year than any other president before him; however you wouldn’t think that if all you were seeing were the faces of the Democrats in attendance.

When he called for unity within congress the minority leader Nancy Pelosi frowned. When he talked about the unemployment rate for the black community being at its lowest level ever the democrats and in particular the black congressmen and senators in attendance sat stone faced like it was bad news.

In a way having the economy boom under the guidance of President Trump is bad news for the liberal and socialist members of our legislative body… they are afraid that their sheep might actually stop believing in the crap they try to sell like capitalism is the route of all evil and there should be no such thing as rich or poor… In their eyes we should all share in the wealth equally and that such a utopia can exist if they just let the governments control all aspects of their lives.

I turned off the television and went to bed because I was disgusted at the site of half of the gallery sitting on their hands while the other half did all the applauding. It was obvious to me and no real secret that half of our legislative body isn’t really interested in making the economy work for everyone. They are more interested in increasing the numbers of their government dependent free-loading voters that give them the power to rule from their own ivory towers and positions of importance.

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