Another 17 Dead

Another day another school shooting… this time in South Florida at a High School that has left 17 dead.

We’re once again reminded that if we see something or feel something isn’t right to say something. Well in this case someone did and nothing was done to stop the carnage.

Back in Sept 2017 a YouTube vlogger reported to the FBI that someone had commented on one of his videos that he was going to be a professional school shooter. Turns out the name used on the comment matches that of our latest murderer, so the FBI could have taken this ass off the streets long before he had the chance to carry out his plans to shoot up his former school.

I’ve heard many liberal commentators, the ones who always talk about taking away our guns every time we get one of these incidents, ask the question why. Why don’t we do something to stop the exploding problem of gun violence in this country? In my opinion part of the problem lays with the media. When some nut job goes on a killing spree we’re hearing about it before the smoke clears the barrel of the gun. We’re bombarded with details almost 24/7 for days afterward when for everyone outside of the immediate location it should be a 30 second news story reserved for the 6 and 11pm news. The next nutcase watches the extended coverage and starts making plans for their turn in the lime light and the cycle continues.

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