17 students and teachers were killed during a 3 minute shooting spree at a South Florida High School earlier this week and don’t get me wrong it was a horrific senseless crime. Governor Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi immediately headed for the scene. The governor went to make the public think that he’s capable of doing something for the families after the fact. Pam Bondi went to collect information so the state could pay funeral expenses for the dead.

President Trump ordered flags nationwide to be flown at half staff and he too is planning a trip to the location to show his support in the aftermath of this hennas action by a seriously flawed teen.

So 17 dead bodies is obviously above the threshold necessary to get the Federal and State to open up the purse strings and pay the expenses placed on the living. I wonder how that makes the parents of the single child who has been killed as a result of gun violence feel? They face the same expenses and grief, but are left to lean on the local community, friends and family when it comes to paying funeral expenses.

So what does the body count have to be to get financial help from the State and Federal Government? 5? 10? 15? It would be interesting if someone from the media would ask Governor Scott that question during one of their numerous news conferences.