Gun Control…

It’s been three weeks since the shooting at the Parkland, FL school and the Florida legislature has managed to formulate and pass the ‘Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act’, a bill that when enacted into law will do some of the things the gun control advocates have been clamoring for. The biggies are putting in place a three day waiting period to buy any firearm and bump up the age to 21 for any firearm purchase. It also will, much to the objection of the gun control crowd,  create a system for some school staff to be carrying a concealed weapon.

So our legislators and Governor Scott will be patting each other on the back and bragging about what a great job they have done providing a safe environment for our students. The students who let the media use them as pawns can go to bed tonight thinking they succeeded in making a difference… at least until the next school shooting happens. At which time they will all be pointing fingers at everyone else for the shortcomings in the system that let a nut case get a hold of a gun.

Maybe… just maybe at some point we as a society might actually come to agree that it isn’t the gun that kills but the psychotic maniac pulling the trigger that is the real problem. This new gun control legislation solves none of those issues, which is why we’re only going to have this feeling of accomplishment until the next mass murder incident hits the news.