Solution to Stop School Shootings

The Millcreek Township School District located outside Erie, PA has solved the school shooter problem by arming every teacher with a 16” souvenir baseball bat. That’s right some moron convinced the rest of the school board that the best way to keep someone from coming into a school with a gun is to put the fear of God in them that they are going to encounter a teacher wielding a tiny baseball bat.

They spent $1,800 to purchase 500 of the bats so that every classroom has one available in the event the students need protection from a gun toting nut case.

There is no shortage of idiots who think this is the way to go. Keep the sign up on the front door that declares to anyone who wants to cause great harm with a gun that they won’t encounter any resistance here.

Just imagine expanding the concept to the rest of our lives… no more TSA checks at the airports. We just give all the flight attendants and pilots a small baseball bat and no one would dare try anything. We won’t need armed guards or metal detectors at our ball parks, football stadiums and basketball arenas if the beer man and ushers all had a small bat hanging from their belt. Oh boy what a wonderful world this could be… Unfortunately it’s only in their dreams.


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