President Trump, Great Leader Despite

The left just can’t stand the fact that President Trump is doing what a good leader does… lead.

The Russian deal is unraveling, Hillary’s email scandal isn’t going away like they want and despite the Justice Department issuing a report that there was no political bias that drove the FBI’s actions it’s painfully obvious that a political bias was running unabated at the highest level of the FBI.

The big issue this week is the separation of children brought across the US border by their parents illegally. If you listen to the main street media you’d think Trump was this cruel cold-hearted hate monger, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. The laws that the Trump administration are now enforcing have been on the books and used by presidents as far back as Bush… yes, Obama separated children from their parents in the same manner… only difference is Obama could do no wrong in the eyes of the left leaning media and Trump can do nothing right.

I just read a story that claims that the spread of fake news by computer bots is almost certainly going to be non-stoppable for the 2018 election. The way I see it the left is already laying the groundwork for an excuse why the outcome of this year’s midterm election fails to favor Democrats.

The bias in the media, the Democrats and even some members of the Republican party to undermine President Trump has been relentless since we found out Trump had won the 2016 election. Just imagine were we could be if he just had the full support of his own party.

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