News Media So Bias Against Trump

The main street media is having a field day at the conclusion of President Trump’s face to face meeting with Russian President Putin. It’s nauseating to watch them drool all over each other with talk about treason and resignation because they didn’t like what or how President Trump said in the post conference news briefing by the two leaders.

So what if he basically said he trusts the word of Putin equally as much as he does our intelligence agencies. In my opinion I think Trump believes they are both slinging bull shit and lying most of the time.

Why have we spent the majority of the last two years investigating Russian interference with our election process, but so far have nothing to show for it. If by interfering they mean spreading false and misleading information about any particular candidate then basically every politician and political action committee is also guilty of election interfering.

The Today Show this morning had their paid consultant, who happened to use the word treason to describe Trump’s comments, give his viewpoint on what was said and why it was so horrible. Anyone with any amount of smarts should be able to figure out that the man is getting paid to say what the liberal media wants him to say in order to make what they do look like actual news reporting to the dumb asses watching the broadcast. The hosts were actually asking him if the President should resign based on his comments and of course they also re-energized the topic of Trump’s election being taunted and therefore illegitimate.

As I said… I went to work nauseated by the way the news media treats our President.

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