Supreme Court Nomination Debacle

Yesterday the Senate Sub Committee did its due diligence and allowed Dr. Christine Ford to testify during the nomination process. They heard a compelling story about a young girl being traumatized by an older boy at a house party where underage drinking was taking place. The real question that we should be asking ourselves today is did her testimony provide any concrete prof that the person she remembers assaulting her was without any doubt a young Brett Kavanagh. No matter which side you believe we do have to remember that all of this happened decades ago and we all have things in our past that we may not particularly be proud of, but most often use them to learn to become better people.

After half hardily listening to the proceedings while Dr. Ford was in the hot seat a couple of thoughts came to mind. First off every time it was a Democrat Senator’s turn to question Dr. Ford all we got were lengthy statements on how proud and brave she was for coming forward… I don’t think Dr. Ford was feeling that… the only reason she was there at all was because her name and accusations were leaked to the press (most likely by someone in Diane Finstine’s office) and the press were stalking her for more information.

The other thing that I felt was stupid were the questions being posed by this hot shot public defender hired by the Republicans. I would have liked to hear her ask questions like… At what age did you, Dr. Ford, start attending parties with older boys where drinking alcohol was the norm? After this incident happened did you continue to attended parties like this one? How old were you when you drank your first beer? How much alcohol were you consuming on a weekly basis during this period of time? At what age did you loose your virginity? Were you a virgin at the time of the alleged assault? The basis for this kind of questions should have been to define Dr. Ford’s moral compass during this period of her life. After all she is or has testified that she was at a house party, but can’t say where or how she got there. She claims to have drunk one beer and somehow ended upstairs with three older boys where the sexual assault took place… She also testified that when she was able to get away that she doesn’t remember how or when she got home. She also apparently didn’t mention any of this to anyone until 2012 when she was in some kind of marriage counseling.

We are never going to know for sure what may or may not have happened 35 – 36 years ago to Dr. Ford. Unfortunately the process that is being played out in the Senate today will have repercussions for the rest of eternity.

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