Mob Invasion

The following is an excerpt from a USA Today story published today about a new mob of migrants gathering at the Guatemala border with eyes at invading the Southern boarder of the U.S.


“In the same plaza, migrants sprawled shoulder to shoulder on the cement floor, sleeping, smoking cigarettes given to them by passersby, or waiting for their cellphones to charge.

Some of the young men called out, asking for money from anyone who walked past.

“We are hungry. Can you please lend a hand?” they said.”


Did you catch that? Some of them are begging for help just to eat and yet they apparently own cell phones. What a joke… the more I hear about these migrant caravans headed for the US boarder the more I’m convinced that some liberal with a bunch of money is behind all of this in a lame attempt to make the Trump administration and all conservatives look like the bad guy.

Truth told these mobs who say they are hell bent on reaching the US don’t have a chance in hell of accomplishing that. They are a thousand miles away, so if they were to walk 20 miles every day, many of them with flip flops on their feet carrying small children in blistering heat, it would take them another 7 to 8 weeks to get to our boarder. My guess is as soon as the result of the mid-term election hit the history books so will the mobs of migrates.

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