America’s Got No Talent…

I’ve watched my last episode of America’s Got Talent after they crowned Brandon Leake winner of the 2020 season. I pray (and I’m not a religious person) that this isn’t indicative of where this country is headed…

I didn’t catch Brandon Leake’s first “poem”, but I did hear what I believe was his second one. Howey Mandel called it moving, I call it a summation of what is wrong with race relations in this country. Leake spoke of his mother being worried every time he would leave the house because in his mother’s words… the only thing the police see when they see a young black man is a target on their backs.

Leake went on and on about how from a young age he was told by his mother how everyone is out to get them… meaning young black men. If you ask me that right there is the main source of any race relation issues that exist in this country.

If our black population wants change they need to be looking closer to home rather than thinking that change must come from outside. They need to start teaching their young to be respectful to everyone… especially those wearing a police uniform. It’s hard for me to have any sympathy for the plight of the black community when they feel its okay to riot, burn and destroy anything in their path every time something happens that they find offensive or perceive to be wrong. Act civil and you’ll be treated civil. Not a real hard concept to understand… however nobody seems to have the nerve to tell it like it is and our black leaders won’t because they get their power and prestige from inciting the bad behavior.   

If the black population want to chant ‘black lives matter’ then start fighting back against all the black on black crime that happens daily in places like Chicago and New York City… If they are only saying a black life matters when confronted by a white police officer then they really don’t have a case in my book. Respect is taught at home and unfortunately for a good portion of the black population the opposite is being drummed into the young impressionable minds of their children. Until that changes and they start hearing positive messages about getting a good education… applying their talents for good will any positive changes to the way the races interact ever happen.

If rewarding the root of our race relations is worthy of a million dollar prize then AGT has lost me as a fan.

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