Democrat Obsession

Democrat Obsession

I have been pretty quiet these past several months because it’s hard to bitch about the obvious…

I started this blog (before blogging was even a household word) to have an outlet to express my inner feelings on subjects too often too sensitive  to be voicing to my family and friends, especially my relatives up North who are all on the Biden socialist agenda bandwagon.

I have to laugh at what is happening in the US House this week with all the push for impeachment of President Trump. Does Nancy Pelosi realize what a jack-ass she looks like? I heard an audio clip of one high level Democrat say they had to impeach to keep Trump from seeking the office of President again because they couldn’t trust the American voter. How two faced is that? They want us to trust that the voters elected Biden, but we can’t trust them in any future election.

The Democrats have been stalling for most of 2020 to get any meaningful relief for those suffering financially due to the State and Local governments handling of the Corona Virus outbreak for the express purpose of boosting the worst candidate in history’s chances of getting elected. Now that they have accomplished what logically could never have happened and are poised to take control of the Congress and the White House, what are they concentrating on? Forcing Trump out of office before his term ends in seven days. Jesus… if we could just get Congress to work that fast on legislation that is good for the American people.

So the question looms large… can they actually impeach a President that is no longer in office? How long does the Biden Administration let this vindictive attitude prevail? We all know the Democrats hate Trump. They have been poking the man for over four years and have kept poking at him even after he became a wounded animal… and then they wonder why he has been acting like he has.

Am I proud of Trump’s response to the reported election results… No. Do I wish he didn’t file objections to point out the problems with the vote process… No. I do wish he had accepted the fact that the Democrats figured out how to manipulate the voting process to their advantage, creating situations that couldn’t be verified or overturned in order to win and spent his time and energy these past few months and the next four years restoring the voting process to something that the American people can have confidence in.

In my opinion the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot by letting their blind hatred of Trump drive their current focus as it relates to impeachment and the use of the 25th amendment to our constitution. When Trump said this week that they need to be careful what they wish for it should have been obvious to everyone what he meant.

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