Baltimore Burning

The city of Baltimore erupted in violence over the weekend because a black person died while in police custody… While we still don’t know all of the facts that lead up to this tragic loss of life, that doesn’t matter to the black thugs who are constantly on the lookout for any opportunity to destroy personal property and loot innocent store owners.

The way I see it those who are rioting and looting don’t give a damn about one dead black man. They see it as an opportunity to act like animals and cause all kinds of mayhem with very little chance of ever being prosecuted for their crimes.

It’s the mob mentality that needs to change and that isn’t going to happen when you have the mayor of Baltimore making a public statement that the police need to give protestors room to destroy personal property.

What we need are leaders with the balls to make it publically known that if the same thing were to happen in their town that they’d order the police to shot to kill anyone seen looting or destroying personal or public property. If they want to act like animals then they need to be treated like animals.