Super Bowl Advertisers

There always seems to be one or two commercials during the Super Bowl that make no sense what-so-ever and this years edition is being paid for by Stella Artois in cooperation with

The commercial is a serious message meant to enlighten the audience about the plight of getting clean water to the under-developed countries of the world. Stella Artois is selling limited edition chalices and will donate a portion of the sale to Each glass sold will provide $3.13, which apparently is enough money to bring clean water to one person for five years. (The truth be know it probably cost the .13 cents to provide the water and the other $3 is to pay executive salaries and administrative cost at, but that’s another gripe for another day.)

Here is where the math and logic come into play that makes this whole process seem really stupid. Stella Artois is most likely paying $7,700,000 to air this commercial so they can sell a maximum of 300,000 glasses, which will in turn give the sum of $939,000 to provide 300,000 people clean water for 5 years. Stella Artois sells the glasses for $13 off and if they are making a net profit of $8 on each sale they stand to make $2.4 million, which means no matter how you cut it they are going to loose about $5 million just so they can say we did a Super Bowl Ad.

If Stella Artois was really concerned with helping provide clean water to the, pardon the politically incorrect term, ‘s*@#holes’ around the globe they could take that $7.7 million and provide clean water for 2.5 million people for 5 years. All I can summarize from this is the idea that the management at Stella Artois must all be rejects from government jobs because they are the only people on the planet that could justify such a dumb idea.


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