Honoring Florida Heritage

In 2016 the Florida Senate approved legislation authorizing the removal of a statue of a Confederate General from the grounds of the US Capitol. This year they are working on legislation to choose a replacement and the front runner is Mary McLeod Bethune the founder of Bethune-Cookman University.

Apparently each state is allowed to display two statues at the Capital’s National Statuary Hall. Florida’s second statue is of Dr. John Gorrie who is a pivotal figure in the invention of air conditioning and someone who should be revered as a god by most Floridians.

So Florida is considering replacing a Confederate General who was a staunch advocate of slavery and after his military career imploded had ties to the KKK… a clear racist with a black woman who’s lifetime achievement was to start and nurture an institute of higher learning that to this day is referred to as a historical black collage… another clear racist.

The only difference I see is that when a Confederate General is called a racist everyone says Amen… but if someone was to call Mary McLeod Bethune a racist they’d be labeled a lunatic not worthy of a noose.