Weapons of Mass Destruction

The terrorist attach in Nice, France is prof positive that the terrorists don’t need bombs or guns to inflict mass carnage in the name of their religion… 84 innocent dead people in an instant when one radical Muslim drives a semi-tractor trailer through and over the crowd that had gathered to enjoy the fireworks as a part of a National Holiday celebration. The question now is… do our liberal mouthpieces in this country use their logic on this case and start a movement to blame the truck for the death toll and possibly set in motion the idea that we should limit the size of trucks that can be manufactured so we can ward off a similar attach here in…

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Papal Visit with Congress

So the Pope addressed a joint session of Congress today and as expected brought up the issue of immigration… especially how the United States should have compassion and leniency towards the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming into this country every year from Mexico and Latin America. He also touched on the idea that with all of the worlds great resources and wealth that there is no excuse for anyone on planet Earth to be homeless. That’s where it gets interesting to me… that very few people are willing to call the man out as a hypocrite. He resides over what is called Vatican City, which is a country all on its own and has the strictest immigration and citizenship…

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Obama’s Iran Deal

Wow! President Obama just finished giving his pep talk on this deal with Iran. Could he sound any more pathetically desperate? I don’t think so. Obama is so delusional on so many planes I don’t know where to start. Obama thinks that the worse case scenario under this agreement is that we’ll be in the same place with Iran ten years from now. I’m not sure why he seems to be in the minority that understands that in another ten years Iran is going to have a nuclear bomb and with the ability to purchase conventional arms they’ll also have the capability to launch a long distance attack. That’s if Iran doesn’t acquire a nuke and uses it before then.…

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